The Finnish pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale will feature a solo exhibition curated by the Museum of Finnish Architecture showcasing the work of Lassila-Hirvilammi Architects. This is the first occasion that contemporary Finnish architecture will be represented at the Biennale by only one architectural practice.
Re-Creation is an installation based on a concept by Anssi Lassila coming to Venice direct from Shenzhen, where it premiered at the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale, Asia’s premier architectural event held from December 6, 2013 to February 28, 2014.
The MFA’s 2014 exhibition will mark a strategic shift in its biennale policy. From now on, the MFA will curate exhibitions with a sharper focus on the specific space and theme. The MFA’s domestic exhibitions already highlight the experiential side of architecture, and this will now also become the focus of its biennale contributions. The new show touring Shenzhen and Venice was curated by the Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Juulia Kauste.
Re-Creation is a tangible, experiential interpretation of Finnish and Chinese conceptions of space. The installation also explores the theme of originality and copyability: What does space, in its most basic form, represent in two different cultures? How does an original concept adapt to local conditions and materials in a new cultural context?
Curated by the renowned Dutch architect and theorist Rem Koolhaas, the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – titled “Fundamentals” – returns to the timeless basics of architecture. The national pavilions will explore global and local trends under the theme of “Absorbing Modernity: 1914–2014”. For the first time ever, the Venice Biennale will be open to the public from June to November 2014.

The installation consists of three parts. First the architects designed two reductive spaces that were built as local projects in Finland and China. The two widely different sculptural pieces will be placed on display outside the Finnish pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The show inside will feature a video and photography exhibition documenting the process of how the installation came together.
Re-Creation is a collaboration between Anssi Lassila, Teemu Hirvilammi and their team of assistants. The Finnish part of the installation was constructed by master carpenter Kari Virtanen (Nikari Oy) and his assistants Mikko Merz, Jussi Nordberg and Laura Mattila. Construction of the Chinese part was overseen by Gigi Leung (Gi-Space). The installation was documented by Tuomo Tammenpää, Pekka Turunen and Ville Tanttu. The project is a co-production with the Finnish Centre for Architecture, with additional support from the KONE Foundation and the Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

Sketching © Pekka Turunen
The installation being erected in Shenzhen, December 2013.
© Tuomo Tammenpää
Master carpenter Kari Virtanen (left), Teemu Hirvilammi and Anssi Lassila planning the Finnish part of the installation.
© Pekka Turunen