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Press release May 14, 2018
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Exhibition at the
16th International Architecture Exhibition
La Biennale di Venezia
Nordic Pavilion, Giardini di Castello
May 26th – November 25th, 2018
Another Generosity
A generosity not just between humans, but between humans and nature
Humankind is actively shaping the world today. The geological impact of human activity is so pronounced it has changed the behavior of our planet. This is the epoch of the Anthropocene. Though the Anthropocene may appear to mark the moment humans have come to overpower nature, it is also an opportunity to rethink the most basic relationship between our buildings and ecology. Architecture should be considered a tool for redefining the complete cycle of building, from its most basic components to its operating systems.
Responding to this year’s theme of Freespace, the exhibition Another Generosity explores the relationship between nature and the built environment, and how new approaches to architecture can help shape a world that supports the symbiotic coexistence of both. It seeks to create a spatial experience which heightens our awareness of our surroundings. Moreover, it is an attempt to foster dialogue, debate and criticism to help reveal new ways we can shape our world with another generosity. A generosity not just between humans, but between humans and nature.
Another Generosity considers a structure that holds two basic elements: air and water. The simple structures are combined to create a visible and dynamic cellular structure. The inflated elements mediate between the natural and built environment. They respond to external and sometimes unseen stimuli, creating a new kind of experience, a momentary hesitation that heightens our awareness of our surroundings.
Lundén Architecture Company was founded in 2008. The office’s unique approach is shaped by the experiences of over 100 projects to date. Current projects range from small experimental pavilions to large 300 000 m2 master plans. The office engages with contemporary spatial challenges and focuses on proposing new ideas that envision the future of the built environment. Company's design approach is research-based, experimental and collaborative, involving leading experts and consultants from diverse professional fields. Through their process of experimentation, exploration, contribution and discussion, they seek to further develop and crystallize our way of thinking about architecture.
Juulia Kauste until 04.04.2018
Reetta Heiskanen/ Museum of Finnish Architecture
Nina Berre/ Norwegian National Museum of Art Architecture and Design
Kieran Long/ ArkDes
Eero Lundén/ Lundén Architecture Company
Juulia Kauste
Organized by:
Museum of Finnish Architecture
Norwegian National Museum of Art
Architecture and Design ArkDes
Exhibition Design by Lundén Architecture Company
Ron Aasholm, Carmen Lee, Rubén Tomás Verde, XuDong Yan
In Collaboration with
BuroHappold Engineering
Turku Marquis and Coatings Oy
Aalto University
Samy Kramer Productions
Arazzo Oy
Printon AS, Trio-Offset Oy
Elisa Datos, Raffaello Tesi
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