Seas, lakes and rivers make up hundreds of kilometres of shoreline in the densely populated capital of Finland. The proximity of water and great diversity of beaches is a defining element of Helsinki’s urban identity. The abundance of waterfront land in public use is also a special asset enhancing their appeal and livability. The book provides a lively, readable account of the history, present and future of waterfront living in Finland. Spanning from the 1700s to the present day, the featured sites provide a rich sample of high-quality architecture and attractive residential settings praised by their inhabitants. The book shows why the chosen 19 sites are especially well-loved and appealing to residents. The book is available in Finnish and English versions. Writers: Juulia Kauste, Juhana Lahti, Panu Lehtovuori and Eija Rauske. Graphic Design Salla Bedard

Tekijä: Juhana Lahti, Kristiina Paatero, Eija Rauske (eds.)
Sivumäärä: 175
Kuvitus: richly illustrated
Julkaisuvuosi: 2012
ISBN: 978-952-5195-41-5
Kieli: English
Julkaisija: Museum of Finnish Achitecture
Hinta: 25,00 €

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