(26.9.2018 - 24.2.2019)

Interplay of Cultures is an exhibition raising concern about the current state of the world. Our living environment is being altered irreversibly by globalization, climate change and urbanization. As the challenges we face are global, a cross-disciplinary approach is needed in order to tackle them, merging fields such as architecture, design and technology. Thoughtful planning of cities can play a key role in preventing and alleviating many problems. This exhibition aims to spur dialogue about a topical theme that concerns all of us.
Interplay of Cultures marks the 25th anniversary of education dealing with sustainable development and humanitarian issues at University's Department of architecture. It revisits students’ past projects and their journeys into new cultures. The exhibition also looks at the changing professional identity of architects, highlighting the need for students to evolve into experts with a well-developed sense of global responsibility.
A series of lectures and discussions will be held in conjunction with the exhibition to shed further light on the topic. In-depth articles and project descriptions will be compiled in an accompanying catalogue.
Wednesday 24.10, 6 pm, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Round table addressing the themes of the exhibition moderated by Saija Hollmén, architect, curator of the exhibition and Vice Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Wednesday 21.11, 6 pm, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Lecture by Professor Ester Charlesworth, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia:
Architects Without Frontiers: War Reconstruction and Design Responsibility
Guided tours
The guided tours on Saturdays at 3 pm are open for all and included in the museum admission fee. Guided tour in English: every first Friday of the month at 4.30 pm 


Kouk Khleang Youth Center. Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2010–14, Noora Aaltonen, Sisko Hovila, Tuuli Kassi, Maiju Suomi, Elina Koivisto and Inari Virkkala (Komitu Architects) Photo: Susanna Alatalo