Venetsian arkkitehtuuribiennaalin pohjoismaiden paviljongin näyttely Another Generosity tuo Meetings on Architecture -keskustelut Venetsian lisäksi Tukholmaan, Osloon ja Helsinkiin. 



Tiistai 9.11.2018, kello 14.30, Arsenale Teatro alle Tese, La Biennale di Venezia
Emebedded Architectures: Challenging the Architecture – Nature Divide
Humankind is actively shaping the world today. The geological impact of human activity is so pronounced it has changed the behavior of our planet. This is the epoch of the Anthropocene. Though the Anthropocene may appear to mark the moment humans have come to overpower nature, it is also an opportunity to rethink the most basic relationship between our buildings and ecology. Architecture should be considered a tool for redefining the complete cycle of building, from its most basic components to its operating systems.
The Nordic Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia explores the relationship between nature and the built environment. Curated by architect Eero Lundén the exhibition, Another Generosity, forms an unique architectural experience. As an extension of the exhibition the Nordic pavilion is hosting a series of dialogues on architecture and nature.
The keynote lecture by prof. Michael U. Hensel, Embedded Architectures: Challenging the Architecture – Nature Divide, sets the theoretical framework for what one might call embedded architectures. It presents different strands of research and research by design that are part of a larger effort to challenge the architecture – nature divide.
2:30 pm Opening Words, Writer & Curator James Taylor-Foster | ArkDes, Sweden
2:35 pm Introduction to Another Generosity, Architect & Curator of the Exhibition, Eero Lundén | Finland
2:45 pm Lecture, Univ. Prof. Dr. Architect Michael U. Hensel: Embedded Architectures: Challenging the   Architecture – Nature Divide
3:30 pm Commentary on the Topic, Architect Beate Hølmebakk | Manthey Kula Arkitekter, Norway
3:40 pm Commentary on the Topic, Architect John Helmfridsson | Wingårdhs, Sweden
3:50 pm Panel Discussion, moderated by James Taylor-Foster
4:30 pm Closing Remarks, James Taylor-Foster

Torstai 15.11.2018 kello 17, Nasjonaalmuseet, Oslo
Meetings on Architecture: Another Generosity Dialogue

Tiistai 20.11.2018 kello 18, Arkkitehtuurimuseo, Helsinki
Meetings on Architecture: Another Generosity Dialogue
Tiistaina 9.10.2018 kello 18, Arkdes, Tukholma
Meetings on Architecture: Nordiska paviljongen på arkitekturbiennalen – Möt Eero Lundén
Join curator Eero Lundén (Lundén Architecture Company) for a special presentation of the exhibition in Stockholm. A discussion will follow between Lundén, Juulia Kauste (co-curator and former Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture) and Kieran Long (Director, ArkDes). 

Lundén Architecture Company was founded in 2008. The office engages with contemporary spatial challenges and focuses on proposing new ideas that envision the future of the built environment. The practice’s design approach is research-based, experimental and collaborative, involving leading experts and consultants from diverse professional fields.

Doors open 5:45 pm. The panel discussion starts at 6 pm. Limited seating. Free admission. No pre-registration required.

Exhibition at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition
La Biennale di Venezia
Nordic Pavilion
Giardini di Castello
May 26th – November 25th, 2018
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