The Museum of Finnish Architecture is maintained by a private foundation ('Foundation for the Museum of Finnish Architecture'), whose purpose is to advance, support and distribute knowledge of Finnish architecture. The museum's activities are mainly financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

The administrative bodies are the Board of Representatives, whose 18 members are elected by several state authorities, universities, institutions and associations, and the 9 or 10-member Administrative Board. The members of these bodies are elected for three-year periods.

The Administrative Board appoints annually a number of Counselling Committees to supervise the functional units of the museum.


Santtu von Bruun
Kent Martinussen
Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen
Hennu Kjisik
Timo Vikkula
Mika Maliranta
Samuli Miettinen, Vice Chair
Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Chair
Marco Steinberg